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Gay Superman Returns

Goldfrapp Bond Gig

Goldfrapp, one of my favorite groups around, has been asked to create the new Bond theme!

Superman Undecided

I saw Superman Returns last night, Tuesday, at an IMAX theater. I still really haven't digested the film. I did like it. It was very well made, lived up to all the hype, and I'm sure that come this Monday, it'll break some box office records - but there were some holes.

Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor really annoyed me. It was so unclear what he wanted and how Superman figured into his plan. Spacey is a great actor, and even though I know many will disagree with me, I think it was a casting mistake. Of course, some of that is just the writing.

At the end of the film, I didn't know what I should think. Should I be getting a message of some sort? One of the trailers played up the whole Superman outsider thing, which is a part of the film, but it's never resolved or confronted, just mentioned.

Also, for a title character, Superman/Clark Kent gets very little screen time. I mean, he flies around a lot (absolutely amazing special effects by the way) but he has very little dialogue as the movie progresses. Brandon Routh was amazing. He had a very difficult challenge of filling Christopher Reeve's shoes; he did and more so. Like others have said, and I will reiterate it here, Routh makes the character his own. You will believe that a man can fly because of his performance as Superman.

Also, I would suggest seeing the film at a normal theater first, then at an IMAX. At least in my case, the print they used was really bad and didn't fit the screen that well at all. I thought we would have good seats sitting halfway up the theater, but after 2.5 hours of Superman, my neck was killing me. Sometimes it was impossible to follow the action - except in the case of the mindblowing airplane scene, which is worth the price of admission.

I still don't know how to sum up this film, as either good or bad. Bryan Singer made a film that I can't truly love the way I want to. I will ponder this......



Another Gay Movie Trailer


Life: June 26th, 2006

A lot happened this past weekend.

On Friday, a friend and I went to go see Mission Impossible 3. I had mixed feelings about it at best. I thought it was a great action movie; I love JJ Abrams, who created one of my favorite shows, ALIAS. It would have been a great movie if I didn't have such a problem with Tom Cruise. The friend I went with is really cool. This past year I got to know him more and even though he is completely crazy, he's pretty cool. I don't know if he's straight or not. It's impossible to tell.

On Saturday, I had some friends over and we cooked dinner and made some really good dessert. Then we watched Grease. Gosh, what is there to say about Grease? Well, all I can say is that it's a shame that John Travolta is almost 30 years older and a Scientologist, because he was HOT!

On Sunday, a friend invited me to his friend's house, along with some over people to watch a movie. All these people are like 5 years older than me. When you're 18, 5 years older is a lot. So at some point in the movie (Superman #1), everyone except me and one person stepped out of the room and smoked outside. Uh. I'm not that into smoking. I did for a while and liked it, but now I'm not. Later, I was catching a ride home with a girl from the friend's house (didn't have the car with me). We were talking and it turned out she thought I was much older than 18. She laughed and said "You're 18? You're a baby!" aka twink (read the comments). Ha.



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Kathy Griffin: More Than Just A "Gays" Magnet

The more I see Kathy Griffin, the more I truly come to love her. I've always thought she was funny on TV. When I saw her live, I was blown away. And the more I watch her reality show on Bravo, the more I really respect her.

On tonight's episode, she went to Iraq on a USO tour. I watch, listen, and read a lot about the conditions in Iraq, particularly about the lives of our troops there. Nothing brought home how dangerous, isolated, and depressing Iraq can be like tonight's episode. Kathy visited an on-base hospital and was talking to the troops about their injuries. It was amazing to watch this soldier tell Kathy about how his girlfriend and friend were killed right next to him, just the day before she got there. She tried cheering them all up, and she did, but after what they've gone through, what they've witnessed, good laughs only go so far. Kathy did routines for some troops, and it isn't her typical material (most of which I know by heart).

Kathy makes a big point of saying that she doesn't support the war, but that she supports the troops. I couldn't agree more. I hope she makes it to the A-list someday.

By the way, I WILL be talking more about politics this summer, and believe me, I have a hell of a lot to say.



Another Gay Movie - "The gay teenage sex comedy you've been waiting for..."

Nothing - besides Superman Returns - has me more jazzed about summer than Another Gay Movie. As you might guess from the title, the movie is "a perfect tribute/send-up to the teen sex comedies of the 1980s, 90s and 2000s - for the first time with a completely gay twist."

There is no official trailer until the end of the week, but the the movie's site has a great clip.

Below are pictures from the film.

As you can see, the four very cute leads (below), are joined by Richard Hatch, Graham Norton, and Matthew Rush. How did they get this cast together?

Hopefully, more to come about....
Another Gay Movie



Brandon Routh Isn't Gay.................So?

So why does his myspace profile not give his orientation? Just asking.

Hard Gay on Father's Day

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Queen Mary 2 Taking Gay Cruise

The Queen Mary 2 is set to go gay cruising next year (I couldn't resist!), leaving New York City with 2,630 passengers onboard. When the Queen Mary 2 was built in 2003, it was the largest passenger ship ever built, weighing in at 151,400 gross tons. Onboard, there are 15 restaurants and bars, 5 swimming pools, a casino, ballroom, and a planetarium.

QM2 sets course for all-gay cruise [TMCnet]



How Long Until Beijing 2008?

Life: June 16th, 2006

Right now, I have the feeling that I'm going through one of those subtle shifts in life. Nothing super major is happening and I'm generally happy, but things are changing. Then again, I'm still technically a teenager, shouldn't I be worried if things weren't changing?

A good friend of mine just recently moved away. I've known him since middle school, but I didn't really get to know him or hang out with him until this year. As far as I know, he's straight, and he's the coolest straight guy in the world. I'm sure he knows that I'm gay and he's cool with that, again, as far as I know. I just admire him so much as a person and to see him go just kills me. It feels like such a waste that I didn't get to know him until this past year, my junior year.

Gosh, senior year is going to be crazy. I promised myself that I wouldn't turn into that mad, driven, insane, high school student, and even though school isn't that great, my classes next year are going to be highly demanding. With senior year comes college stuff, oh fun. Looking at and visiting various colleges isn't as much fun as I thought it would be. I've visited some really great schools, like top in the nation kind of schools, and it's utterly daunting to think about going somewhere for 4 whole years. When I first started searching, I didn't know what I wanted at all, but now, I have a rough, okay, very vague idea: I want to go to a liberal arts college with a nice campus, not too far away from home, not too preppy, plenty artsy, AND super GLBT friendly. I decided one day that I should be snobby and only look at schools that have a reputation for being overtly GLBT friendly. I need that sort of atmosphere I think, or I'm gonna go bonkers, and I NEVER say "go bonkers".



Simplyhired.com Launches GLBT Friendly Job Search

Simplyhired.com, a job search engine, has launched a GLBT friendly job filter. The filter lets users search for jobs at companies that have pro-GLBT policies in place. It is no coincidence that the service was launched this month. Anything like this that can put additional pressure on employers who don't have policies protecting GLBT employees is a good thing.
Simplyhired launches GLBT friend job search [TechCrunch]

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Help Me Help You

Hey, if you like this blog and want to see it grow and expand AND you have some HTML skills that I am somewhat lacking in, Email Me!! or IM me at gayerwaleAce. I'm just looking for help on doing what I think are simple easy things, but that I can't do by myself. With no advertising on this site, I have no financial compensation available for the person who helps me. However, I'd be happy to give them a huge mention on the site in a post, a permanent link, and various sexual favors. Oh yeah, forget the sexual favors. But seriously, I would love you with a non-sexual passion for all time...

This isn't a long term job by any means and I'm mostly looking to work out some format issues on the site. I haven't had any trouble making subtle changes to Blogger's template, like adding links, new content on the side bar, posting templates, etc, but now I'm looking to take a step forward and really make this site hot, for lack of a better word.



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Zero 7 Album Rocks

I just finished listening to the whole thing, and this album is one of my favorites of all time. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Zero 7 - The Garden

Dear Abby Grandma Wants to Cure Gay Relative with a Circumcision

One of today's "Dear Abby" letters reads...

From Advice from Dear Abby on uExpress
DEAR ABBY: I have reason to believe that a young man in my family may be gay. (He is 15.) I have been thinking a lot about it lately, and have been wondering if circumcision would cure it. What do you think? -- GRANDMOTHER IN MISSOURI

DEAR MISSOURI GRANDMOTHER: Homosexuality is not an illness, and therefore there is no need for a "cure." I predict that your family will be happier if you accept your relative exactly the way he is, love him, support him, and stop trying to think of ways to cure him.

P.S. Circumcision is a sacred rite of the Jewish religion. If your theory were valid, then there would be no Jewish homosexuals. And yet, among the successful, gay, Jewish men who are "out" are Harvey Fierstein, Michael Feinstein, Barney Frank and David Geffen -- to name a few. (Oops! And let's not forget Isaac Mizrahi.)

This is so freaking sick, and I commend Jeanne Phillips for saying straight out the homosexuality is not an illness. Also, what would make someone think that getting a circumcision would make you not gay?


Talk to Ace

Hey guys, remember that if you want to get in touch with me (Ace!), you can IM me at...


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The Return.........

of Superman

NO!!!!!!!! KATHY GRIFFIN: MY LIFE ON THE D-LIST And it's on tonight, 9PM EST on Bravo. Don't miss it! Oh, my summer has now truly arrived.

in heaven,

Ann Coulter vs Matt Lauer

Ann Coulter Reaches Out to 9-11 Widows
[Gawker] - Definitely check out this post, there is an additional Kathy Griffin video (she was on "TODAY" just an hour later)...

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Double Feature!

As promised, Gayer Mechanic Wales has a brand new feature, the IN and OUT lists. These lists will be updated continuously to reflect my opinions about things in the news. Submissions are welcome, just click EMAIL ME below.

Check it out.


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Waiting for Kathy...

I can't wait until Kathy Griffin returns next week in "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List". I love that show so much and I love her. I've seen her live and it's amazing, simply amazing. She is my true guilty pleasure.