Life: March 8th, 2006

I watched the season finale of Project Runway. Wow. Daniel Vosovic got beat out by Chloe. I was really pulling for Daniel. Besides the fact that I really do think his clothes are the best, I can relate to his story - at least partially - not to mention the fact that I have a little crush on him.

Lately, I really feel like some people are finally getting it confirmed in their heads that I'm gay. I think anyone who knows me has some sort of suspicion, but I've never told anyone out straight. I look gay, I talk a little gay, and I dress a little gay, but I think some people can't admit to themselves and need to hear it from me. I wish I could just tell everyone. Like I've said before, no one would be surprised, but to be honest, it's not enough for everyone to know without me telling them. I want to be able to talk openly about guys I like and opinions I have. I'm tired of the awkward conversations. I'm really sick of the awkward extended family moments. Ah. Life.


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