Lauren Bacall Gets Beat Up

If you've been watching "The Sopranos" recently, you know about Christopher's foray into the film business. On tonight's episode, he made a trip out to Los Angeles to talk with Sir Ben Kingsley (playing himself) about playing the lead in his film which he describes as a cross between "The Ring" and "The Godfather" - sounds like a hit to me. Lauren Bacall makes a brief appearance as herself and is introduced by Kingsley to Christopher. Then, Christopher follows Kingsley into a swag room and is amazed to find that all the stuff is free. At some point, Kingsley mentions the gift bags that presenters receive at award shows.

So, towards the end of the show, Lauren Bacall is walking out of an awards show with a very large gift big. Christopher jumps her, steals the stuff, and hits her. On the plane ride home, Christopher is holding a Daily Variety with a big headline about the incident. It was by far my favorite moment ever of "The Sopranos". Props to Bacall for putting herself out there. I'm guessing that she is a big fan of the show. It was hilarious and I wish I had taped it!


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