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Hey, if you like this blog and want to see it grow and expand AND you have some HTML skills that I am somewhat lacking in, Email Me!! or IM me at gayerwaleAce. I'm just looking for help on doing what I think are simple easy things, but that I can't do by myself. With no advertising on this site, I have no financial compensation available for the person who helps me. However, I'd be happy to give them a huge mention on the site in a post, a permanent link, and various sexual favors. Oh yeah, forget the sexual favors. But seriously, I would love you with a non-sexual passion for all time...

This isn't a long term job by any means and I'm mostly looking to work out some format issues on the site. I haven't had any trouble making subtle changes to Blogger's template, like adding links, new content on the side bar, posting templates, etc, but now I'm looking to take a step forward and really make this site hot, for lack of a better word.



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