Life: October 1st, 2006

Last night I went to a friend's birthday party. I've mentioned her and her parents before. She lives way outside the city that I live in - almost half an hour. When I got to her house, walked around to the back porch, and looked around, I realized that I knew NONE of the other people there. Not to desperage the other people there, but they were all pretty rural and the center of their social lives is the McDonalds right off the interstate. So generally not the crowd of people that I hang out with.

But it WAS fun.

We had a bonfire and made smores, something that I haven't done in years. I snapped a picture on my pebl. I gave my friend the new Scissor Sisters album, Ta Dah. I went to the record store before the party and picked the album up. As I was leaving I realized that I wanted one too so I went back and got another for myself. Crazy crazy. Since then, I've listened to the album 4 times through, which is insane, but so satisfying. I almost never buy physical albums anymore, mostly I download from iTunes. But for both this album and Confessions, I go for the real deal.


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