I just got back from seeing V for Vendetta, which I completely loved. The movie is nothing short of fantastic, despite this dumb bitch's review, and I was blown away. The story is so well told and it is a sad, gruesome, sick, but amazing story of a future British society. Natalie Portman is the main character and she is amazing. I can now say that she is easily my favorite actress. The movie was adapted from a comic by the Wachowski Brothers, the writers and directors of The Matrix movies. I love tricky plots to death and this delivers. There are genuinely jaw-dropping moments in the film where I couldn't believe that what I was seeing was true.

Also, the film's material is much more controversial than any of the trailers or any of the press surrounding the film has let on. The society in which the story takes place condemns Muslims and homosexuals alike. There are several gay characters in the film, one of which is put in prison solely because of their sexuality. Another of the gay characters hides a Koran in a secret room because they are illegal.

The action in the film is incredible and it is reminiscent of The Matrix movies, but the more surprising thing about the movie is that it is very suspenseful at times. This is also the only action movie that has every made me cry. Je l'ai adoré!

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