Life: April 16th, 2006

Well last night I watched the Madonna interview on BBC America. I thought it was really good. Madonna was fairly open about her life and in some cases I felt that she was too open about her marriage. The interview was taped during the release of "Confessions On a Dance Floor" so it's not super recent but everything on the show was pretty relevant. She talked a lot about her early career which I was familiar with, but it was cool to hear her talk about it. One thing that struck me, and that I tend to forget, is that Madonna is very intelligent - and not just for a pop s tar. She really thinks about what she wants to say and all her responses to questions last night were very measured and articulated. She performed "Hung Up" and "Get Together" live, both of which were pretty good without dancers.

Today is Easter and I didn't go to church with my family. I haven't gone to church on a regular basis for 3 or 4 years now, but I always go in Christmas and Easter, so it's a pretty big deal I guess. Organized religion isn't for me. My parents are cool with that I think and they didn't mind that I didn't go, but I'm sure my grandparents will. Oh joy.

I gave blood at my high school on Friday and it was crazy fun. A while back I posted about gay blood donations. I have no diseases and I'm very healthy but some people would have a problem with the fact that I'm gay. The nurses have to measure the amount of iron in your blood or hemoglobin I guess (if any doctors read this, email or comment about this please) and to donate you have to be above a 12 and below a 19 on some scale. I was 18.5. The nurse who tested me said she had never seen someone with an iron count that high. It was actually my first time donating and I was surprised that the needle really wasn't that bad (drink lots of water before donating!). I was fine until the very end when they fill 2 vials with blood for testing and then I almost passed out. Afterwards I got to miss almost 2 hours of class. I sort of exaggerated how bad I felt to stick around, talk with friends, eat pizza, and drink soda.

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Blogger Kelly said...

I found your blog on random search, and I really enjoy reading it! I'd just like to say that I gave blood my senior year of high school, and I faked feeling ill afterwards so I could stick around and chat with my friends too. :)

12:37 AM, April 24, 2006  

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