"Will & Grace" Series Finale

Well, tonight was the series finale of "Will & Grace". It is one of my favorite shows - nothing on TV can compare to the caliber of that cast and the comedic genius that they all shared. I also really do applaud NBC for putting that show on the air. Yes, of course there are gay stereotypes all over the show, and it is hardly ever politically correct, but I think a lot of people saw a realistic portrayal of a gay man in Will. A lot of people don't know a gay person, or refuse to admit that they know one, and Will makes a great first impression for those people. Obviously he is a walking gay stereotype (and makes no bones about it) but he is loving, and intelligent, and not a hairdresser......



Anonymous Julia said...

Oh, I watched that.
It is never leaving my DVR.

3:38 PM, June 03, 2006  

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