iTunes' "Back to School" Playlists: Hmmmm. Ok.

For anyone with iTunes (that's about everyone) check out the Music Store ASAP if you can. iTunes always puts together playlists for certain time periods, big artists, moods, etc, but today I noticed a group of playlists called "Back to School". Each playlist is supposed to represent different college stereotypes. I literally burst out laughing when I read some of these.

"Certain symbols or page numbers from sacred texts"? And they have a picture of a cross right above the description? Half-drunk Latvian girl? Who writes this stuff? Apple is so hip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's different now, it was removed for a number of days appearantly to remove references to alcohol and to lower religious stereotypes.

how ridiculous.

12:32 AM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger Ace said...

you're totally right! thanks!

10:13 AM, September 02, 2006  

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