Superman: I have pondered...

After countless hours of pondering, I have decided that I really do like Superman Returns. Privately, I know that some of you were disappointed that I didn't give it a rave review - and believe me I wanted to. In my earlier post, I pointed out some problems in the film. I still feel like those are issues, but I did concentrate on them too much. Since I saw it on IMAX the night before it opened, I have seen it in a normal theater. It is a great movie. There is so much nuance and subtlety that you miss seeing it in IMAX. I downloaded the soundtrack and I highly recommend it, especially "How Could You Leave Us" one of the most beautiful film score pieces I have ever heard. I play it so freaking loud on my stereo so that the walls shake and I think of that amazing scene between Lois and Superman over Metropolis. Ah. Maybe I should see it again.



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