Life: August 28th, 2006

And so it begins.

College, yeah, it's time to talk about college. I've only mentioned it here a couple times, but in my real life, the subject is becoming unavoidable. Everyone I run into asks me something along the lines of "What schools are you looking at?" or "What are you thinking of studying?" or worse "Where are you applying?". Next month I'm going to look at some schools in Ohio. Not my idea - my parent's. I know nothing about schools in Ohio, except that some of them are "hot". The only school that I've fallen in love with is Wesleyan in Middletown, CT. Something amazing happened to me when I visited there: I could actually see myself there, taking great classes, learning a lot, and having great friends. One reason why I'm so interested in the school is because of its gay factor. I KNOW that I'll be out by the end of my senior year, and I want to be totally out in college. Quite honestly, I feel like I need an environment with a lot of fellow gays. During high school, I've never even had an out gay friend my own age, and I think that I've missed out on a lot because of that.

In the next month or so I'll be narrowing things down. Even though it's a little late in the game, my parents are hiring a college coach to help me deal with it all. Well, more than helping me - I'm the first kid in my family to head off to college and even though my parents did their college stuff when they were my age, they know less than I do.

Now for something entirely different...

A good friend of mine from school transferred away last year. She's one of my favorite people in the entire world and we lost touch last year and over the summer. Her parents are Swiss and she has dual citizenship - lucky. A while ago my parents met her parents and they hit it off. So this past Saturday, my parents and I went over to their house for dinner. My friend and I totally caught up on each other's lives and had a great dinner, and afterwards, while the parents got drunk, we watched The Libertine. I hated it. I never have a problem handling violence or grossness or sex or nasty diseases, but the movie definitely pushed my taste level. It was also just a weird movie. It was REALLY well acted, I mean, it's Johnny Depp and Samantha Morton and John Malkovich and Rosamund Pike. Super cast. But the writing went nowhere and the direction was horrendous. So thumbs down. Ouch.

Oh another thing about that night: another couple was at the dinner and as I was helping to serve dessert the guy flung his arm out and made me spill ice cream and chocolate syrup all over my shirt. My brand new shirt. I got most of it off and it was fine. It was hard to be mad at him. He was pretty young and fairly cute.


Yesterday a bunch of my friends and I had a tea party. Yes, a tea party. It was beyond, beyond very gay - it was very British. We made little round sandwiches with cucumbers, cheese, olives, lox, shrimp, tomatoes, and herbs. They were awesome. For little desserts, we made this French cake thing which tasted amazing and jam puffs which would have turned out better if we had had enough yeast. I LOVE tea and I had 2 cups - one of my all time favorite, Lady Grey, and one of this great plum spice that I've never tried. We had the party at the house of one of my best friends who's leaving for college in just a couple days. If I ever came out "officially" to my friends, it would be to her first.

The group that was at the tea party is part of this unofficial "cooking party" club that we started. Every now and then on a weekend, we go to one of our houses and cook. And we cook good stuff. We regularly pull off 6 course meals that take 3 hours to make and it's always fun. I can't wait until I come out to them and reveal my secret identity (my real name isn't Ace in case you haven't figured it out) to you guys. I have so many pictures from the cooking parties and it's gonna be a blast to introduce you to all my friends, because they fucking rock.

Cooking, chocolatey, college-bound,


Blogger gayglow said...

I just came out to my parents and let me tell you what, it doesn't get easier with age (25 here.) But I'm so glad I did it. My parents were beyond cool about it and are just happy that I am happy. All my friends are fine with it, and those that aren't actually go and ostracize themselves from the group.

Take it from someone who dreaded the worst and ended up with the best, do it as soon as possible. It will be stomach aching, but it's completely worth it.

2:28 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger MattyMatt said...

Hello, I just wandered by from a link on Consumerist. Yes, Wesleyan is very good -- I went to a summer program there when I was in high school. A great place to be gay. Middletown is not always wonderful; but Klekolo's, a coffee place nearby, is a particularly good spot to hang out. Good luck figuring out all that college stuff.

9:11 PM, August 30, 2006  

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