Vito on "The Sopranos"

I just finished watching tonight's episode of "The Sopranos" in which easily 90% of the show revolved around the outing of Vito Spatafore, one of Tony's captains. He was outed by 2 protection collectors are at gay club at the end of last weeks episode. If you remember, Vito had been seen giving head to a security guard previously, although that information never reached his colleagues. The response by Tony's crew wasn't surprising at all, with many calling for him to be whacked. But keeping with his new take on life, and after one of the longest conversations with Dr. Melfi ever, Tony decided to not take any immediate action. He made note that Vito brought in the most money through his construction dealings and that that can't be overlooked.

So, I really have to give props to Tony. Obviously, he doesn't accept the gay lifestyle, but he is growing. When you look at the people around him, the people that he works with, he has the most understated reaction to the whole thing. Maybe Vito could turn out okay? Too optimistic?


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