Kathy Griffin on Larry King

I just watched the Kathy Griffin interview on Larry King. Kathy talked a lot about her recent divorce which sucks because her husband Matt was stealing money from her. $72,000 over a year and a half to be precise. Besides that stuff, they covered a lot of her life including her family life, her early career with guest spots on Seinfeld, ER, and Ellen, her status as a D-list celebrity, her parent's new celebrity status, her material, her standup, her Afghanistan and Iraq trips, relationships with various celebrities including Barbara Walters, Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, and Clay Aiken, her reality show, and plastic surgery. Any one who reads this blog knows that I'm a hardcore Kathy Griffin fan, and this interview confirms my true gay obsession. If it repeats, check it out for sure.

But if you need your Kathy Griffin fix now, check her out on Jimmy Kimmel...


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