Life: July 7th, 2006

My cell ran out of battery a couple days ago and I forgot to recharge it. Today at 4pm I was finally checking my messages and I got one from a friend about seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. She said that she and some of our friends were planning to see it at 8pm, which worked out. Of course, the last message I got was her telling me that they're going to the 5pm and that they have a ticket for me. Well, I raced over there to get good seats and it was fun. I had mixed feelings about the movie, mostly because of the way it ended. Won't ruin anything here. Maybe later.

I've designated this weekend as "Cleaning Weekend" and I'm gonna try to clean my whole room. I like having a clean room, but every time I start picking clothes off the floor, I get this urge to go through every single piece of clothing I own and decide if I still like it. I'm ruthless. Oh, ok, speaking of clothes: Project Runway is coming back. When I heard this from someone I thought they were making it up or were getting confused with reruns. Nope, the big PR is coming back for a third season. I don't know what the final show will be because it's been New York Fashion Week in the past, which is awesome. I can't wait to hear more crazy gay men bitch that the overlock machine has to be fixed.


Blogger Alan said...

1 - It's my cleaning weekend, too. And I must go through all my clothes. It's just time.

2 - Project Runway! OMG - it's the best show ev-er. I do feel sorry for my new co-workers, though, that do not know about this obsession of mine. Well - they'll find out about it Thursday morning. :)

9:09 AM, July 08, 2006  

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