So The VMAs Were Last Night


  • Shakira and Wyclef Jean performance. This was so great! The dancing was crazy. Plus, I don't know how many times there was a close up shot of Shakira's ass shaking. The vocals weren't as strong as they could have been, but it was fun.

  • Lil' Kim entrance: I couldn't believe it when Kim walked onstage with those guards and in that orange jumpsuit. She is crazy and is totally owning it.

  • Jessica Simpson word mangle: Jessica totally fucked up the Best Dance Video presentation with her "muah...ma..la..ya ". And she said "push my tush" - not funny.

  • OK Go treadmill dance: I couldn't believe that they did that dance live. The video for that song is amazing and you know it took them a couple dozen times to get it right.

  • Pink/Nicole Ritchie Awkwardness: When Pink was presented the Best Pop Video award by Nick Lachey and Nicole Ritchie, I thought there might be some tension. Pink won for her "Stupid Girls" video which is all about people like Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, and Jessica. But there was no tension, or slapping, so I was disappointed.

  • Sarah Silverman on Lance Bass: I'll let this one speak for itself:


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