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Video: Work the Butt


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Steaming Manholes

I couldn't resist. The ad company Saatchi & Saatchi has turned some NYC manholes into steaming cups of coffee for Folgers. Yes, manholes, steaming manholes. Oh fun.


Leno Isn't So Funny

Madonna to Angelina Jolie By Way of Jenny Shimizu

Well, not exactly breaking news, but Jenny Shimizu, the model above, apparently was sleeping with both Madonna and Angelina Jolie at the same time. Lucky girl. Not that I'm jealous, I just, well, you know - she's lucky.

Lauren Bacall Gets Beat Up

If you've been watching "The Sopranos" recently, you know about Christopher's foray into the film business. On tonight's episode, he made a trip out to Los Angeles to talk with Sir Ben Kingsley (playing himself) about playing the lead in his film which he describes as a cross between "The Ring" and "The Godfather" - sounds like a hit to me. Lauren Bacall makes a brief appearance as herself and is introduced by Kingsley to Christopher. Then, Christopher follows Kingsley into a swag room and is amazed to find that all the stuff is free. At some point, Kingsley mentions the gift bags that presenters receive at award shows.

So, towards the end of the show, Lauren Bacall is walking out of an awards show with a very large gift big. Christopher jumps her, steals the stuff, and hits her. On the plane ride home, Christopher is holding a Daily Variety with a big headline about the incident. It was by far my favorite moment ever of "The Sopranos". Props to Bacall for putting herself out there. I'm guessing that she is a big fan of the show. It was hilarious and I wish I had taped it!

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That Other Blog...

Besides my own blog, the one your reading right now, I'm a contributor over at GayRightsWatch.com. If you're into politics, check out my posts on the Virginia gay marriage ammendment and the anti-gay T-shirt ban...

Charlie Sheen Into Gay Porn?

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Crucify Me!

Madonna likes to make a splash. Everyone knows that. So it comes as no surprise that during her upcoming "Confessions" tour she will make a crucifix of herself on a $10 million dollar crystal cross. When Madonna gets crucified, she does it in style. Maybe she'll sing "Hung Up".


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Teddy Encore

The only reason I watch "8th & Ocean"...

Oh, by the way, Teddy's last name is John, in case you didn't figure it out. Teddy John: Plain Name, Plain Hot

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Video: Kathy Griffin In Rat Costume

Kathy Griffin is my guiltiest of pleasures. I love her Bravo specials (new one on May 8th) and her reality show and everything about her. I have seen her live and she is amazing. On her website, there is a video of her training her dog by dressing up in a rat costume and freaking the dog out. She is screaming and yelping and making these very strange sounds at her dog and it is hilarious.

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Ace Chats

Yes, in case you didn't know, I have a screen name! If I'm not online, stick me on your buddy list for later.


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Vito on "The Sopranos"

I just finished watching tonight's episode of "The Sopranos" in which easily 90% of the show revolved around the outing of Vito Spatafore, one of Tony's captains. He was outed by 2 protection collectors are at gay club at the end of last weeks episode. If you remember, Vito had been seen giving head to a security guard previously, although that information never reached his colleagues. The response by Tony's crew wasn't surprising at all, with many calling for him to be whacked. But keeping with his new take on life, and after one of the longest conversations with Dr. Melfi ever, Tony decided to not take any immediate action. He made note that Vito brought in the most money through his construction dealings and that that can't be overlooked.

So, I really have to give props to Tony. Obviously, he doesn't accept the gay lifestyle, but he is growing. When you look at the people around him, the people that he works with, he has the most understated reaction to the whole thing. Maybe Vito could turn out okay? Too optimistic?

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Life: April 16th, 2006

Well last night I watched the Madonna interview on BBC America. I thought it was really good. Madonna was fairly open about her life and in some cases I felt that she was too open about her marriage. The interview was taped during the release of "Confessions On a Dance Floor" so it's not super recent but everything on the show was pretty relevant. She talked a lot about her early career which I was familiar with, but it was cool to hear her talk about it. One thing that struck me, and that I tend to forget, is that Madonna is very intelligent - and not just for a pop s tar. She really thinks about what she wants to say and all her responses to questions last night were very measured and articulated. She performed "Hung Up" and "Get Together" live, both of which were pretty good without dancers.

Today is Easter and I didn't go to church with my family. I haven't gone to church on a regular basis for 3 or 4 years now, but I always go in Christmas and Easter, so it's a pretty big deal I guess. Organized religion isn't for me. My parents are cool with that I think and they didn't mind that I didn't go, but I'm sure my grandparents will. Oh joy.

I gave blood at my high school on Friday and it was crazy fun. A while back I posted about gay blood donations. I have no diseases and I'm very healthy but some people would have a problem with the fact that I'm gay. The nurses have to measure the amount of iron in your blood or hemoglobin I guess (if any doctors read this, email or comment about this please) and to donate you have to be above a 12 and below a 19 on some scale. I was 18.5. The nurse who tested me said she had never seen someone with an iron count that high. It was actually my first time donating and I was surprised that the needle really wasn't that bad (drink lots of water before donating!). I was fine until the very end when they fill 2 vials with blood for testing and then I almost passed out. Afterwards I got to miss almost 2 hours of class. I sort of exaggerated how bad I felt to stick around, talk with friends, eat pizza, and drink soda.

until later,

The Spawn of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and his in-house slave, Katie Holmes, are getting ready to have their inevitably screwed up child. Since Tom and Katie are both Scientologists, the birth will be silent. The idea is to not traumatize the child, since hearing a little yelling, maybe screaming, is so much worse than being pushed and pulled through a vagina! Also, Tom has given in and will allow Katie to use an epidural to help control pain. Shouldn't she have been making that choice in the first place? Someone should stick a Cabbage Patch doll up Tom's ass and ask him if he wants some painkillers.

May Hubbard help him...


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Madonna Interview on BBC America

An interview with Madonna will air in the US on BBC America this Saturday, April 15th at 10pm. Besides the interview, she will perform 2 songs, "Hung Up" and "Get Together" from "Confessions on a Dance Floor." She addresses her status as a gay icon and says that maybe "I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body."

La Musique: Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp has been around for a while, but I think they are about to be completely huge. They are like a slightly mellower Madonna, with a little more rock. Youtube has some great Goldfrapp videos, below is one of my favorites.

Goldfrapp - Supernature


I have to say that after watching this week's past episode of "8th & Ocean", Teddy is really turning out to be quite a player. Nonetheless, he's the hottest guy...ever...

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I'm Still Alive

Hey guys!

I really apologize that I haven't been posting recently. I was out of town and my computer completely died. Never fear. I'll be back up in no time - bigger than ever. Over the next couple of months I'll be expanding my coverage of news, gossip, videos, pictures, and everything else...

Doing this blog is the only thing that keeps me sane now and I'm thrilled that people are responding.

Email me as you please...

Thanks, Ace


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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" But the Ban May Be Repealed

Read my post at Gay Rights Watch...

Shop Drop: Everyone Needs an Ace

Everyone needs an Ace - and not just Ace to write daily blog posts - you need an Ace on your tie. Here's a good one. Was $37, now is $6. No Joke.


Teddy...Once More Again

Teddy, my beau from MTV's "8th & Ocean" continues to call to me. I love him...so, so much. Everyone knows that you can make a gay person straight very easily, but can you make straight person gay?

Playboy To Go Gay in Britain?

Playboy is looking for new streams of revenue, so they are interested in expanding into a truly gay Playboy in Britain. Hef is so cool.

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